Support for facilities


  • Simple Signup

  • Setup your account

  • Schedule an e-visit

Simple Signup

You need to use the Chrome Internet Browser.

Go to the Blum Website. Click sign up.

Choose Facility and scroll down.

Enter your facility info and agree to terms to continue.

Now enter personal info.

Whoever you list will be your administrator and will schedule e-visits.

You can change or add administrators at any time later.

Password needs a minimum of 8 characters and at least one capital.

Click agree and confirm.

Your administrator will receive a confirmation email.

Once confirmed, we’ll verify your account, and notify you once setup is complete.

Manage Members

Under Manage Members, click Administrator.

You’ll see that your administrator is already listed.

If your administrator also assists patients during e-visits add the “Facilitator” role.

Facilitators assist patients during visits—this could be nurses, aides, etc.

To add personnel “Add New Member”. Select role–one or both

Fill in basic personal info.

Everyone will need to respond to our confirmation email before they can log in to Blum

as a facility member.

Add Patients

All of your patients will be listed under the Patients menu.

You can quickly see each patient’s information, and their current status.

(I will hover over each status in the recording and then click through the three filter

buttons.) Filter through Current, Discharged, and all Patients.

Facilitators have the ability to change a patient’s status.

To add new patients, click the “add new patient” button in the top right corner.

You can fill in all the boxes but only the stared ones are mandatory.

Add Practices

Under Associations, select Practices.

Here you’ll add the providers practices patients will see. Practices include doctors specialists, hospice, therapists, etc.–anyone who will need to interact with a patient on the Blum platform.

To add a provider, click “add new association” in the top right corner.

You have lots of ways to search for a practice.

If you do not see a particular practice on the list, they most likely have not joined Blum yet.

Now under associations, select families to add patient family members who need to receive email updates join in on an e-visit.

Click add new family.

You can search to see if your patient’s family is on Blum.

If they are, send them a request to associate with you.

You can invite your patients’ family members to join blum by simply sending them to our website to sign up.

Your E-visit

Schedule a visit from your dashboard.

Select your patient, the facilitator who will assist with the e-visit, and the practice you will be meeting with.

Then, select a doctor or provider.

Choose date and local time.

If your provider is in another time zone, Blum will automatically adjust.

You can add someone else to the visit.

Select Provider or Family Member.

On your dashboard, you’ll see the e-visits you’ve requested for today.

Status is requested until provider accepts, rejects or reschedules.

At the appointment time, you’ll join and go into a virtual private HIPAA-compliant waiting room.

Your e-visit will begin once everyone has joined.

Blum keeps detailed reports on all e-visits—when, who attended, how long and more.

Download to Excel or as a PDF.

If you ever need help, you can chat or send us a message or call us. (844-817-6084)

Blum helps you build healthier relationships throughout your community.

We’re glad you’re on board.